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A Jungle Theme Wall Decal for nurseries or baby rooms with with Elephant, Lion, Tree and Monkey. A handmade using Top-Quality Matte/Gloss Vinyl and perfect to decorate and add your personal touches to any space or room.

Whole Visual (approx): 90"w x 97"h

Please choose colors from color chart and mention color code If no color selected, we will send your decal in default color as seen in the first image.

[ WHAT’S INCLUDED in this] :
Full composed jungle wall decal after compilation is
90 Inch High 97 inch width and includes
55 Leaves wall Decals (2 Colors)
3 Birds Silhouette wall Decals
2 Butterfly silhouette wall Decals
1 Tree Trunk and branches Wall Decal
2 x ( 35 inch wide leaves and grass wall border panel)
1 Elephant Decal - 16" high by 21" width
1 Lion Decal - 14" by 14"
1 Monkey Decal - 12" by 14"
1 FREE Test Decal before you apply the actual decal

And easy to follow Installation and removal Instructions.
This Decal comes with transfer tape already applied for your convenience so you just need to peel the back and stick.

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