Nursery Jungle Safari Animal Wall Decal with Elephant, Lion and Monkey - Tree Wall Decal - Baby Wall Decal - Kids Wall Decal P-50058-D

A Perfect Jungle Theme Wall Decal for nurseries or baby rooms with with Elephant, Lion, Tree and Monkey. A handmade using Top-Quality Matte/Gloss Vinyl and perfect to decorate and add your personal touches to any space or room.

it will cover 80 inches by 76 inches of your area (approx).

Please choose colors from color chart and mention color code If no color selected, we will send your decal in default color as seen in the first image.

[ WHAT’S INCLUDED in this] :
1 Complete Tree Decal - 62" tall by 62" wide as seen
1 Elephant Decal - 28" by 16"
1 Lion Decal - 17" by 17"
1 Monkey Decal - 14" by 16"
1 Jungle Fence Decals 80" by 12"
1 FREE Test Decal before you apply the actual decal.
Installation and removal Instructions.