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back to school wall decal sale

Back to school already!? We've planned a giveaway for you .

Yes we are all getting ready for back to school , a few days left till the school starts again. And how we wish it to continue. Or if you are getting ready for college then dorm decor is on your mind. My kids are not so excited about the vacations ending soon though :).

While we are busy creating some cool wall decals for summer , we did not forget the college , dorm and school decoration. We just posted this brand new wall decal sticker design to our collection.

So since we are moving towards back to school we would like to kickstart the school season with a giveaway. Get your hands on any of these two wall decals for free ! How?



Step 1 Save this pin for an added chance for winning

Step 2 Enter details and follow the steps below to proceed.


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