How to Apply a Wall Decal when it is wrinkled or has bubbles.


How to apply wall decal wrinkled or with bubbles remove bubblesWe often get asked How to apply a wall decal ? well ofcourse if it your first time applying a wall decal you must be wondering if you are doing it right.

It is really normal for a rolled out decal to get wrinkles and bubbles when you take it out of the packaging. And it is completely OK if your wall decal appears to have bubbles and wrinkles !!

So how to apply a wall decal that has bubbles and wrinkles and how to get rid of those wrinkled lines?

Wall decals are a temporary and a quick fix to otherwise boring and empty walls . Wall decals can help you easily add layers of interest to an otherwise blank space.

Here is How To Apply a Wall Decal that is wrinkled:

Step 1 : 

Peel out the backing paper if it is a small part of decal like I have shown in the video , you can see that I intentionally placed small creases just to show that it DOESNT make a difference if even your Vinyl Wall Decal got really bad creases and even got pressed while it reached you.

Step 2:

Place the decal in the desired position with the vinyl against the wall and the paper backing facing you. it is a good idea to pre-place the decal pieces using a temporary tape in order to get the idea for placing a brand new Wall Decal.

Step 3:

 Smooth the surface in order to eliminate any air bubbles with the help of a  squeegee or side of a credit card .

Pro tip : Apply a small piece of smooth tape lengthwise to the side of credit card to make it a smooth edge.

Start at the top of the decal and work your way down. Repeat twice to ensure the decal is free of air bubbles and is securely adhered to the wall.

Step 4:

Carefully peel the paper backing from the decal. in order to do this, start at one of the top corners and slowly peel back at a 45-degree angle until it's all removed.

Step 5:

Smooth out by re-pressing multiple times over the surface of the wall decal so that it adheres well on the surface and any creases , wrinkles and air bubbles are removed.

How to apply wall decals even if it is wrinkled

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